The Absolute BEST Basketball Shoe Insoles Ever! (In my opinion)

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BEST EVER may be an understatement. They are by far the best I have ever used and I am very passionate about sharing them with every basketball player I meet.

I remember like it was yesterday: I went to my nearest FootLocker looking for equipment (ankle braces, shoes, etc) to help avoid ankle sprains which I was prone to. Little did I know I would be leaving that store with the best product I had ever purchased. That product; was basketball shoe insoles.

I was kind of shocked honestly. I had no clue that they could make such a difference but the lady working there told me that all the local D1 college players came there to purchase these insoles at the start of the season. She really sold it to so I said hey, might as well give it a shot and see if they’re as good as she says they are.

I put them in the basketball shoes I was wearing that day and walked around the store. I felt a different kind of support I hadn’t felt in any other shoe insole that I had tried (and I had tried several of them up until that point but had no clue a certain kind were made for ankle support).

So after my short in-store trial, I took out my wallet and shelled out the $55 for them which is how much they cost at the time. I was slightly apprehensive but excited to see how they would perform on the court…

And my goodness, they did NOT disappoint.

I remember we had a tournament 3 days after I purchased them. I had worn them in a few practices feeling like they helped, but wondering if it was just a placebo effect since we weren’t practicing as hard because we would have to play 3 games that weekend. What I thought may happen, did happen…

The second game, third quarter with roughly 5 minutes left. We were on defense and the other team shoots a three. I box my man out, jump up to get the rebound, and come right down on someone’s ankle.

Guess what: I was okay! This was just one of several instances they helped me refrain from spraining an ankle but as many basketball players are aware of, coming down on someone else’s foot is typically the biggest reason for sprained ankles. I literally recommend these to everyone I meet because I am living proof that these things are the real deal.

You can check these insoles out on Amazon by clicking here.

The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. I am very certain anyone who tries these will know they are a game changer and won’t be disappointed. You only get one body, so do your best to take care of it.


6 thoughts on “The Absolute BEST Basketball Shoe Insoles Ever! (In my opinion)

  1. Gail

    Thanks for your review and for testing out the insoles. Do you think these would be good for other sports as well as basketball or even for other things like dance where my feet can often take a pounding? Would be great to know what you think. Thanks for the information and I look forward to reading more on your site in future.

  2. Gary

    Who would have thought that insoles could help you avoid ankle sprains? I could have used these back in the day. I too was prone to ankle sprains. I turned my ankles so many times it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how many times my ankle was actually sprained since I never went to the doctor. I just know it hurt like hell. If I was still playing, I would buy these for sure. Thanks for the info.


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