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So you are a big fan of basketball and watch Stephen Curry always shoot three-pointers every week, it is like he gets better at it every time a game is on. You on the other hand, have tried to emulate his stance, grip and positions but still the ball does not even kiss the ring or even touch the board. Well, it’s not much of a problem, you are in the right place as I will give you tips on how to shoot even better that the next time you see Steve Curry, you may ask him for a shootout.

Although, before we begin with the tips, it is advisable to know that for a sport like basketball, practice always makes perfect. So as much as I will give you tips on how to shoot, it also depends on the drills, the practice you do during workouts, the training is an essential part of this development for you to achieve this, so are you ready, if yes then let us begin;

  • Get a Partner: Think about how you always practice, it is advisable you get a partner when trying to shoot, this is because when you are alone, you end up chasing the rebound before going through properly for a shoot again. It is so important to our practice. Shoot then follow up immediately may cause fatigue that is why a partner is recommended.
  • Locate your Rim: Always locate your target early, do you know why? It gives your brain time to subconsciously calculate the distance and the bearing the ball will travel since your objective is to net. This trick works very often, look at Steve, he doesn’t take a blind shot. He peeps before throwing.
  • Do not forget the Follow Through: Yes, it is said many times and it is true, holding your follow through helps a lot of shooting problems, this movement as simple as it may look is a good basketball technique relating to shooting balls.
  • Hold ball on finger tips and snap to elbow: Holding the ball with the finger tips give you a proper control over the ball, as your fingers would ease the ball to give a good projectile. And while your fingers hold the ball, your arms should straighten out when you reach the peak of your shot. One of the mistakes amateurs make is not fully extending their arms.
  • Finish with a Relaxed Wrist: This comes with a lot of practice and drills; the common mistake is usually a follow-through with a tensed wrist. Your wrist should be relaxed as possible.
  • Work your Game Shots Movements: In order to get your game shots on groove, you need to practice game shots. Get used to good shooting drills and practice screen offs, cuts, chairs and pivoting in all directions. This will aid your delivery during a game.
    Now that you have learned the master tips in getting your game on for shots, can you apply most of these drills and workouts in a gym. I bet you the next time you find yourself in a court. You will do just great.

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