8 Exercises for basketball players to improve their skills

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Basketball requires high skills to become a champion. The basketball players need more stamina and energy levels while playing the game on the courts. You should consider carrying out some exercises regularly in order to enhance your fitness. Exercises play an important role in making a player perform better on a court and also provide ways for reducing injuries (such as an ACL tear which I have suffered) and other problems significantly to gain more advantages.

The following exercises will help players to focus more on their game effectively. 

1. Front squat 

Front squat will allow the players to make their legs, lower back, and trunk a stronger one. In addition, it contributes more to balance body well while playing the game. You can even do this exercise with dumbbells to obtain optimal results.

2. Lateral skater

A Later skater is a good exercise for hamstrings, calves, and quads which ultimately give ways for improving the game. Another thing is that it helps to stabilize hip that converts the body into a biochemical alignment which can reduce knee injuries.

3. Pull-ups 

The pull-ups, when done properly, will enable the players to build back strength which can help make smooth movements. A player can do them by hanging on a bar with a grip that results in experiencing the desired outcomes.

4. Fingertip push-ups 

Basketball involves important techniques such as shooting, passing, and blocking. The fingertip push-ups are an ideal one for boosting strength to upper body and core muscles that give ways for performing them without any difficulties. Also, it’ll help you reduce the risk of jammed/broken fingers (injuries I’ve also sustained from my playing days).

5. Curl to overhead press 

Basketball players should focus more on strengthening their upper body because it paves the way for spending a lot of time on the court. The curl to overhead press makes it possible to build strength allowing a player to achieve the best results.

6. Glute bridge 

Since basketball involves rigorous jumping and explosive moments, players should improve their skills with some exercises. Glute bridge is an excellent choice for this purpose which helps to improve muscle conditions with high success rates.

7. Split squat jumps

Split squat jumps are a suitable one for enhancing the explosive power of one leg. Apart from that, they show methods for jumping higher on the court to witness major changes. Players can even prevent injuries by performing them daily.

8. Physio ball leg curl

A Physio ball leg curl provides methods for keeping hips extended which improve the functions of hamstrings. In addition, it helps to enhance the posterior strength and leaping abilities of a player efficiently by addressing essential needs. 

Do these excercises on a weekly basis and you will surely notice an increase in performance and also extended longevity when it comes to playing the game you love.

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