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So you are a big fan of basketball and watch Stephen Curry always shoot three-pointers every week, it is like he gets better at it every time a game is on. You on the other hand, have tried to emulate his stance, grip and positions but still the ball does not even kiss the ring or even touch the board. Well, it’s not much of a problem, you are in the right place as I will give you tips on how to shoot even better that the next time you see Steve Curry, you may ask him for a shootout.

Although, before we begin with the tips, it is advisable to know that for a sport like basketball, practice always makes perfect. So as much as I will give you tips on how to shoot, it also depends on the drills, the practice you do during workouts, the training is an essential part of this development for you to achieve this, so are you ready, if yes then let us begin;

  • Get a Partner: Think about how you always practice, it is advisable you get a partner when trying to shoot, this is because when you are alone, you end up chasing the rebound before going through properly for a shoot again. It is so important to our practice. Shoot then follow up immediately may cause fatigue that is why a partner is recommended.
  • Locate your Rim: Always locate your target early, do you know why? It gives your brain time to subconsciously calculate the distance and the bearing the ball will travel since your objective is to net. This trick works very often, look at Steve, he doesn’t take a blind shot. He peeps before throwing.
  • Do not forget the Follow Through: Yes, it is said many times and it is true, holding your follow through helps a lot of shooting problems, this movement as simple as it may look is a good basketball technique relating to shooting balls.
  • Hold ball on finger tips and snap to elbow: Holding the ball with the finger tips give you a proper control over the ball, as your fingers would ease the ball to give a good projectile. And while your fingers hold the ball, your arms should straighten out when you reach the peak of your shot. One of the mistakes amateurs make is not fully extending their arms.
  • Finish with a Relaxed Wrist: This comes with a lot of practice and drills; the common mistake is usually a follow-through with a tensed wrist. Your wrist should be relaxed as possible.
  • Work your Game Shots Movements: In order to get your game shots on groove, you need to practice game shots. Get used to good shooting drills and practice screen offs, cuts, chairs and pivoting in all directions. This will aid your delivery during a game.
    Now that you have learned the master tips in getting your game on for shots, can you apply most of these drills and workouts in a gym. I bet you the next time you find yourself in a court. You will do just great.

The Absolute BEST Basketball Shoe Insoles Ever! (In my opinion)

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BEST EVER may be an understatement. They are by far the best I have ever used and I am very passionate about sharing them with every basketball player I meet.

I remember like it was yesterday: I went to my nearest FootLocker looking for equipment (ankle braces, shoes, etc) to help avoid ankle sprains which I was prone to. Little did I know I would be leaving that store with the best product I had ever purchased. That product; was basketball shoe insoles.

I was kind of shocked honestly. I had no clue that they could make such a difference but the lady working there told me that all the local D1 college players came there to purchase these insoles at the start of the season. She really sold it to so I said hey, might as well give it a shot and see if they’re as good as she says they are.

I put them in the basketball shoes I was wearing that day and walked around the store. I felt a different kind of support I hadn’t felt in any other shoe insole that I had tried (and I had tried several of them up until that point but had no clue a certain kind were made for ankle support).

So after my short in-store trial, I took out my wallet and shelled out the $55 for them which is how much they cost at the time. I was slightly apprehensive but excited to see how they would perform on the court…

And my goodness, they did NOT disappoint.

I remember we had a tournament 3 days after I purchased them. I had worn them in a few practices feeling like they helped, but wondering if it was just a placebo effect since we weren’t practicing as hard because we would have to play 3 games that weekend. What I thought may happen, did happen…

The second game, third quarter with roughly 5 minutes left. We were on defense and the other team shoots a three. I box my man out, jump up to get the rebound, and come right down on someone’s ankle.

Guess what: I was okay! This was just one of several instances they helped me refrain from spraining an ankle but as many basketball players are aware of, coming down on someone else’s foot is typically the biggest reason for sprained ankles. I literally recommend these to everyone I meet because I am living proof that these things are the real deal.

You can check these insoles out on Amazon by clicking here.

The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. I am very certain anyone who tries these will know they are a game changer and won’t be disappointed. You only get one body, so do your best to take care of it.



The top 3 Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Training Exercises.

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Russel Westbrook… I think it’s safe to say that at least 99% of basketball players are familiar with the 2016-2017 NBA MVP. Everyone knows that he has freakish athleticism but may wonder exactly he has done to develop that athleticism. It’s a mix of exercises, along with the fact that he has highly developed fast twitch muscle fibers.

Now while it is true that everyone is different and no one has the same amount of fast twitch fibers in their body, it is possible to train the ones you do have in order to jump higher. I’ve researched and performed the three exercises I’m going to talk about in this post and I have found them to be the best when it comes to fast twitch muscle training exercises.

Another thing I want to mention before we get into the list: always train for POWER. If you want to be able to jump higher, you want to explode from the ground to the basket. Power and explosiveness will be key when doing these training exercises.

*Disclaimer* these have been MY routines and what I have done that has helped me run higher. I had excellent result increasing my verticle by 8 inches but your results may not be the same. Either way, I highly recommend all these exercises.

Now let’s get into it…


Some people may refer to this as “jump-training”. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: it’s effective. What I liked to do was fast pace box jumps as I felt it gave me a solid work out and fatigued my slow twitch muscle fibers quicker, thus recruiting my fast twitch to work harder and develop faster. We have three boxes at the gym I train so I would do 5 sets of 10 reps on each box (starting with the tallest box, kind of like a reverse pyramid set it bodybuilding) with only a 15-second rest in between sets. Your legs will be smoked after your last set.

Heavy Squats:

Don’t go crazy with this one. Get in there and warm yourself up first or you could potentially get injured. Also, try to always have a spotter with you if you’re going to do free weights. What I like to do is just a normal pyramid set to failure with these. Depending on your strength, the weight will differ; don’t worry about that. Just start wherever you are comfortable, with 15 second rests in between each set, do 12 reps on the first 2 sets, 10 reps on the second 2 sets and 8 reps on the final set. Then, take a 30-45 second rest, and go to failure on your lowest weight. This will also burn out all those slow twitch fibers and recruit the fast twitch fibers; and just like the plyometric training, your legs will be completely spent once completing these.

High Knee Running:

This exercise will not only help you jump higher, it will probably help you run faster too. Two birds with one exercise, awesome!

Anyway, this exercise is simply in the title. The way I would perform this is to either do them standing still or go to the local football field and go for distance high-knee running. If standing still, you want to go for 100-500 reps (depending on your fitness level, I was comfortable at 250 for 4 sets). If you go to a field or a basketball court, you want to go all the way down and back (multiple times if you are on a basketball court) and remember to EXPLODE your knees up as high as you can while also incorporating a strong motion with both arms, fingertips together and pointed straight.


If you implement these exercises into your workout routine and perform them a few times a week, you should see an increase in your verticle jump within 8-12 weeks. Results may not be typical for everyone but these are the results I saw personally.

If you’ve tried any of these exercises yourself and would like to let me know the experience you had with them, please feel free to leave a comment below and let’s all get a discussion started!

If you’re looking for what I consider to be the best basketball shoe insoles out there, then definitely check out my article *here* about the Spenco GRF Basketball Maximum Performance Insoles. These are by far the best insoles I have ever used and I highly recommend them to every basketball player out there as they have helped me prevent injury on several different occasions.


Best Door Mount Basketball Hoop For Your Room Or Office! (In my opinion)

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Product: SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

Price: $39.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating: 9 out of 10

basketball indoor hoop

*Quick disclaimer*

I will never post a review for a product I haven’t personally used or own. That’s why near the bottom of this post you will see a quick video I made demonstrating a shot on my own personal goal. Now onto the review 🙂

So you’re looking for a basketball hoop you can put inside your home to fuel your never-ending passion for basketball? If so, this is (in my opinion) the BEST door mount basketball hoop money can buy!

I’ve had this thing in my bedroom and office for several years now and have even had some pretty competitive games played with friends and family. The hinges on the rim are spring loaded and the material is plexiglass so you can throw down some vicious standing dunks without worrying about breaking the backboard like prime time Shaq (and yes, I have thrown down plenty).

When you do so, you’ll notice the backboard will bend and have a lot of slack which will ease your fear of dunking. I didn’t dunk in the video below, but I did take 15 seconds away from writing this post to make a quick shot on the hoop I have in my guest room/office. You may notice the little bit of bend in the backboard and rim when the shot goes in…

So as you can tell, this little hoop is made to last out of the best materials and is the one I would always recommend over any other. If you want to check this goal out, or any others you may like, on Amazon, I will include a link below. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave them below 🙂

*Click here to buy the SKLZ pro mini hoop*